• Cutek Extreme Stain

    Protect your wood surfaces with this unique wood protection oil. When properly applied, it keeps wood protected for many years. Extreme is formulated to minimize warping, cupping, and splitting. It is easy to maintain and cost effective!

  • Cutek Naked Coating Stripper

    Strip away old coatings (paints, stains, varnishes, linseed oils, and more) from metal, brick, wood, and masonry surfaces. Naked is a safe and easy alternative to strippers using dangerous chemicals. Remove multiple layers with one application.

  • Cutek Proclean Restoration

    Use Proclean to clean, brighten, and restore outdoor furniture, decks, and more! Make your weathered or stained wood surfaces look like new again. Proclean can even remove stubborn tannin, resin, algae, oil and grease stains.

  • Cutek QuickClean Restoration

    Cut through all types of grease and grime on barbeques, composite materials, and wood surfaces. QuickClean is a powerful biodegradable cleaner that can be used as an alternative to industrial grade all-purpose cleaners that contain harmful chemicals.

We Can Hook You Up with Cutek Products for Your Store

Cutek is by far and away the best stain available on the planet. It’s the only stain we know of that is guaranteed not to peel or flake. This stylish and enduring stain, stabilizes all types of timber in order to provide you with a long lasting, durable wood finish. Cutek does not have any of the negatives that most stains get labelled with. You can apply it when the weather is very hot, and you can even stain a board and stack it on top of another board, while it is still wet. Also, because Cutek is oil based, if it rains the same night, or the day after you apply the stain, you won’t have any issues.

At Hawk Distribution, we know that any paint, stain, or hardware store would benefit adding Cutek deck stain to their product line, as their customers will be thrilled with the results, and will come back time and again to purchase Cutek, as the product outperforms its competition!